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alright, last SH post i promise.
i'm not really sure but i thiiiink i'll be able to get email in spain in addition to letters so if it's easier to email (probably is), email me at cause i can't check my email on the internet on my normal address.

i also suspect some of you are leaving/have left and probably won't read this but....

i legit cried driving home in the car. hah i guess it isn't that long but it's sad....
everyone, have amazing summers! write/email me!

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so YAY lunch tomorrow. someone should bring their digi cam (and i need to get one!)!

other stuff...

-justine i want to see the bangs!!!!!!!
-do any of you want to return my accel chem book to mr. grant tomorrow? hahah you know you do & i would love you forever
-i can't believe tomorrow is the last day of schoolish whatever...

but that also means: ONE EXAM LEFT

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yous guys

What's up for this friday? People are probably busy studying/meaning to study but we kind of have to figure something out...Soph, you're leaving that day right (?) but can everyone else do something? I'm free all day until maybe 9:30/10 cause we have to leave for Maine. BUT so what are we doing? Whatever it is, hey I can DRIVE you all :D :D

So there's that to chew on...

summer addresses

Sup guys

So do you guys have addresses during the summer? Just in case I get really bored and feel like writing to you.

Just in case you forgot mine from my profile:

Justine Selsing
c/o Camp Betsey Cox
(not really needed but whatever)
140 Betsey Cox Lane
Pittsford, VT

Yeah so give me yours and I'll really try to write. Really!
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procrastinators: attention!

Ok so Bri wants me to call you but....w/e. I just got momentum going on the studying haha so I don't feel like calling.

So this saturday as you probably know I was getting together with Bri cause...yeah, except now it's kind of expanded. After working these plans out there are so far maybe around 10 people getting together to go to Sorrento's for dinner saturday night (8:00?) and then bowling afterward. S&D people would probably still be away for the Sorrento's but could come just in time for the bowling. People coming so far seem to be me, Bri, Larina, Nicky, Rachel W (?), Audrey & Mike (?), Ashley (&Nick Grasso...haha we're not sure), Britt (why can't I remember her last name?), Taylor, Kristin Muldoon (?), John Schwartz (?), Andrew Essington (?)....umm who else....not sure about Katie or Mike (Marolda)...and other people who I don't remember. Kind of a motley crew (crüe) but that shall make it more interesting I think. ANYWAY, it's kind of just a fun thing to do. It's not specifically for my birthday, but I'm not sure if we should do anything else, like within the Fab5. It's more just getting together right...? Idk.

ok so that said, COME. It will be fun. Bri/Larina have been contacting other people and I'm supposed to talk to you guys. So...comment with your thoughts. Or call me.
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So here's the new plan.

1. Everyone goes to school and takes their language test(s).
2. Afterwards, everyone goes home or to wherever they're going afterschool. I'm going to be at the Forum for a while because I have a dentist appointment at 2:30 so I'll probably have to go to the Forum, then go to the dentist, and then come back to the Forum afterwards (I might not have to come back, I'm not sure).
3. When I leave the Forum sometime around 5:00-6:00 (?), I'll call everyone.
4. People can either drive over or we can pick them up.
5. We go see BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN at the Framingham theater at 7:00, so we'll leave around 6:15-ish? My mom can come to the movie with us so we won't have any problem getting in.
6. At around 9:00 we'll head back to my house. We can spend time in the family room but to sleep we should go to the basement (there's plenty of places to sleep down there).
7. People should leave by around 10 the next day because I have to go back to Forum.

THE ONE FLAW IN MY PLAN: It will be a little hard to find time to get movies to watch. However, I think we can avoid this by just playing DDR and watching the OnDemand movies (there are a lot, and my parents will probably let us buy one of the non-free movies, which are better).


So reply to this and give me input, plzkthnx.

PS: Higher learning in my household:
Dad: So you don't know what plural means, do you?
George: No.
Dad: Okay, so. It's like: one dog, two…"
George: Cats?

yeah, i sprechen

So here's the deal:

Tuesday, January 31st is the date we have set for the mass s-over, right?

So, we can have it at my house (I know we were assuming that already but now I've asked so it's official). We can play DDR and watch movies, etc, in the family room as long as we want. However, my mom has suggested that we move to my room to sleep because the boys will be getting up in the morning to go to school and will wake us up because they WILL want to watch TV that morning. So I hope that's ok. Two can sleep in my bed and I guess 3 on the floor?

My mom is free that day so she can pick us up after exams if we want and take us to the mall/movie possibly/whatever, if we want to do something like that. The only problem is that I think Sophia has two exams that day (right?) so she might take a lot longer. She might not, too, I don't know, but whatever. So either we can just wait until everyone's done and then call my mom to pick us up, or we can just skip the whole "going out" thing and everyone will just come to my house later.

ETA: OK, never mind, we probably can't, because I just got this email from the Forum saying that "We are planning a workday after the language exam, and possibly one on the Wednesday that we have off." SHIT FUCK I'LL KILL YOU AAAAH So I'll be going to that. But we can still have the mass s-over, just probably nothing before it and I'll have to leave at like 10:30ish the next day.

So reply to this! Tell me what you guys want to do… BUA HA HAHA YOU DO NOT HAVE A CHOICCCCE…well actually, just tell me around what time you guys want to come, and what we should have for dinner.

PS. I am going to get Stand By Me and I <3 Huckabees (WE DON'T HAVE TO WATCH THEM, I'm just getting them as choices) but tell me what other movies you want to get. We'll probably all go out to get them together anyway so whatever haha.

PPS. TOTALLY UNRELATED RANDOM Q, but Sophia, what music do you listen to besides Billy Joel and Disney? (This is not supposed to be mocking or sarcastic, btw, just curious).