blajok (blajok) wrote in south_house,

I didn't know which post about weekend plan t s to comment on, so I thought I would just rely on good old SH...

OK so basically I need to decide tonight whether I'm going to Maine or going to stay here. Now I don't want to miss out on the lovely stuff we have planned by going to Maine but I also want to make sure that we are definitely doing something so I don't end up staying home and being really bored (it sounds like a pretty good plan but I just want to make sure). Yeah and also the little issue with mom's going to NJ so this weekend I will be entirely dependent on other people for getting to places. Think I can mooch a ton of rides? So if you see this tonight..before it gets too late..hah...just reassure me that we are definitely doing something and I won't go to Maine.
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