Juxtaposition Jones: muralista famosa (hustonia) wrote in south_house,
Juxtaposition Jones: muralista famosa


So here's the new plan.

1. Everyone goes to school and takes their language test(s).
2. Afterwards, everyone goes home or to wherever they're going afterschool. I'm going to be at the Forum for a while because I have a dentist appointment at 2:30 so I'll probably have to go to the Forum, then go to the dentist, and then come back to the Forum afterwards (I might not have to come back, I'm not sure).
3. When I leave the Forum sometime around 5:00-6:00 (?), I'll call everyone.
4. People can either drive over or we can pick them up.
5. We go see BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN at the Framingham theater at 7:00, so we'll leave around 6:15-ish? My mom can come to the movie with us so we won't have any problem getting in.
6. At around 9:00 we'll head back to my house. We can spend time in the family room but to sleep we should go to the basement (there's plenty of places to sleep down there).
7. People should leave by around 10 the next day because I have to go back to Forum.

THE ONE FLAW IN MY PLAN: It will be a little hard to find time to get movies to watch. However, I think we can avoid this by just playing DDR and watching the OnDemand movies (there are a lot, and my parents will probably let us buy one of the non-free movies, which are better).


So reply to this and give me input, plzkthnx.

PS: Higher learning in my household:
Dad: So you don't know what plural means, do you?
George: No.
Dad: Okay, so. It's like: one dog, two…"
George: Cats?
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