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procrastinators: attention!

Ok so Bri wants me to call you but....w/e. I just got momentum going on the studying haha so I don't feel like calling.

So this saturday as you probably know I was getting together with Bri cause...yeah, except now it's kind of expanded. After working these plans out there are so far maybe around 10 people getting together to go to Sorrento's for dinner saturday night (8:00?) and then bowling afterward. S&D people would probably still be away for the Sorrento's but could come just in time for the bowling. People coming so far seem to be me, Bri, Larina, Nicky, Rachel W (?), Audrey & Mike (?), Ashley (&Nick Grasso...haha we're not sure), Britt (why can't I remember her last name?), Taylor, Kristin Muldoon (?), John Schwartz (?), Andrew Essington (?)....umm who else....not sure about Katie or Mike (Marolda)...and other people who I don't remember. Kind of a motley crew (crüe) but that shall make it more interesting I think. ANYWAY, it's kind of just a fun thing to do. It's not specifically for my birthday, but I'm not sure if we should do anything else, like within the Fab5. It's more just getting together right...? Idk.

ok so that said, COME. It will be fun. Bri/Larina have been contacting other people and I'm supposed to talk to you guys. So...comment with your thoughts. Or call me.
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