June 24th, 2005

girl with a pearl earring
  • blajok

send me mail in ECUADOR!

until July 19:

Global Routes – Grupo XX
c/o Carlos Cabrera
Casilla Postal 17-04-10372
South America

until August 1:

Global Routes – Grupo XX
c/o Ecuador Amazing
Centro Aereo Q 1955
P.O. Box 025268
Miami, FL 33102

also, put my name in the lower left-hand corner of the envelope

BUT it takes like two weeks for the mail to come, so you're not supposed to send letters two weeks before each date to that destination.
I guess if you want to do airmail and have it go faster, write "AIRMAIL" on the side and put $.80 postage on it. You know you love me enough to spend 80 cents per letter ; )

I can't believe it's summer!